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The INK Group is committed to ensuring that its partners, contractors and suppliers incorporate sustainability and ESG principles into their work. All stages in the Group's chain of production, sales and procurement of goods and services must comply with environmental and ethical standards.

The Group requires its partners, contractors and suppliers to strictly comply with its HSE requirements when operating at its production facilities.

In 2021, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC held its first Supplier Day. The conference was a response to the current challenges, the main of which is the implementation of sustainable development goals. The rapid growth of the Group and the development of new areas inevitably leads to an increase in the volume of purchases. In such circumstances, stable partnerships with suppliers come to the fore. The conference participants — representatives of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC and suppliers — shared their experience in introducing new technologies at oil and gas enterprises, presented energy-efficient equipment production projects, and discussed cooperation issues.

The Group plans to implement sustainability and ESG supplier assessments in the near future. The criteria will cover such topics as the environmental impact of activities, reducing the negative impact on the environment and the climate, and the introduction of technological and scientific solutions that will improve energy and resource efficiency.

The Sustainable Procurement System will allow the Group to select the most eco-friendly partners, focusing on the new requirements for suppliers and contracts set by the global community. The choice in this case depends not only on the cost of products and services, but also on their compliance with environmental, ethical, and social standards, as well as the results of the ESG strategy implementation.


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