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The INK Goup annually provides environmental monitoring in the areas of its operation. This allows accumulating, systematising and analysing information about the environment. Eco-monitoring suggests surveillance over all components of the environment: ground and water resources, air environment, resources of biological origin and mineral resources.

Regular environmental monitoring is provided by specialized organisations having the necessary experience and resources to ensure completeness and accuracy of environmental condition data. Moreover, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC established a special division for production environmental control that provides for regular monitoring of the condition of production sites to check the compliance of environmental regulations and rules.

In 2020, the environmental monitoring (including evaluation of bio-diversity) took place in 22 subsoil blocks located in the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The monitoring resulted in correction of three previously developed programs including flora and fauna protection.

A summary of the environmental monitoring and background survey at territories of operation of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC and its subsidiaries (for 2020) is published in open sources. In general, the analysis shows that the overall condition in these areas remains relatively stable and complies with the condition and level of background indicators.

The Group expands capabilities for environmental monitoring at production facilities. The project on the Irkutsk Polymer Plant under construction suggests an automatic atmospheric air quality monitoring system that covers areas beyond the production site and its surroundings. It is considered to install sensors in Ust-Kut — the system will allow recording pollutions 24/7.