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Protection of Water Resources

The activities of the INK Group in terms of environmental protection includes accounting and rational use of underground and surface water, efficient collection and treatment of effluents, prevention of oil and oil products getting into natural water bodies.

As part of its activities, the INK Group carries out permanent environmental monitoring of waste waters, composition and condition of natural waters, evaluation of chemical composition of bottom deposits in surface water bodies.

External instrumental monitoring of treatment facilities is monthly provided by specialized contractors. To evaluate the operation efficiency of treatment facilities, in 2020 Irkutsk Oil Company LLC introduced a modern method for express analysis of primary parameters using HACH equipment. Express analysis helps quickly obtain measurement results and find out the root causes of any deviations in the operation of treatment facilities and bring back the facilities to their design parameters after adjustments and repairs.

A closed water treatment loop at the field provides recirculation of treated domestic wastewater. Treated wastewater is fed for process needs — formation pressure maintenance.

rkutsk Oil Company LLC is engaged in stage-wise implementation of modern technologies of wastewater treatment — a membrane bioreactor. Such treatment facilities are compact, ready for maintenance by personnel, highly automated and efficient in terms of biological treatment, which cannot be achieved in conventional treatment facilities. The operation of the membrane bioreactor requires minimal human attendance. The operator only has to perform rare auxiliary operations: monitor the operation of treatment facilities according to monitoring parameters, clean from sediment, dilute chemical reagents to fill tanks and provide scheduled repairs.

The supply wastewater treatment technology which employs a membrane bioreactor, reverse electrodialysis and evaporation with thermal vapor recompression will be used at the Irkutsk Polymer Plant (IPP) under construction. The technology will be supplied by French Water Technologies and Solutions SUEZ. This will enable the plant to achieve almost zero liquid waste and introduce maximum water reuse, thereby limiting the plant’s environmental impact. Using the technology will enable the Irkutsk Polymer Plant to comply with national regulations, including regulations for wastewater discharge into fishery water bodies, which are among the most stringent in the world.